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2017-2018 Staff

Mary Tonoyan

Writer/Photo Editor

Australia and  Japan are one one the countries that have "zero-tolerance" of gun ownership. Australia Australia's gun control laws were introduced almost 20 years ago. A shooting in a gift shop resulted in 35 people'...

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Advice Column Manager

If you're struggling with anything and need some advice, hit me up via email: [email protected]

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Michaela Fromme


Hiya. I'm Michaela Fromme, more commonly known as Mika. I'm a junior in the journalism class at Parker School. I hope you enjoy The Bull!

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Jackson Morris


I’m Jackson Morris this is my first year doing Journalism.

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Sophia Kaufmann

Publisher/ Editor

Hello! Welcome to the Parker Bull! My name is Sophia Kaufmann and I am a senior at Parker School. I hope you enjoy our publication.

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Mary Tonoyan

Writer//Photo Editor

Hi!! I'm Mary.I'm an exchange student from Armenia!! I love writing as it's the only way to express the feeling you have.

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Jaysah David


Welcome to The Bull! My name is Jaysah David and I'm a senior here at Parker School. I've been attending Parker since my sophomore year and I'm really stoked to be part of this fantastic journalism team for my last year. I hope...

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Shen MacKenzie

Reporter, section editor, literary arts pope

Hello, my name is Shen and I am a senior at Parker School. This is my first year in journalism, and I hope you enjoy our publication.

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Ariel Christiansen-Smith


Welcome! I'm Ariel and I am a junior at Parker. I hope you enjoy our news stories!

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Lucy Callender


Hi! Welcome to the Parker Bull online newspaper! My name is Lucy Callender and I am a senior at Parker School, and this is my first year in a journalism class. Hope you enjoy reading our articles!

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