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Four countries with strict gun control
Australia and  Japan are one one the countries that have "zero-tolerance" of gun ownership.
  • Australia
Australia's gun control laws were introduced almost 20 years ago. A shooting in a gift shop resulted in 35 people's death in Port Arthur,Tasmania.It was the bloodiest mass shooting for Australia's history. Almost 2 weeks later John Howard,Australia's prime minister at that time, intorduced a national gun buyback policy and proposed each state and territory must introduce and enforce gun licensing and registration system which means people should have "an acceptable reason" for having a gun. A national gun policy was also introduced by him for all kinds of weapons that did not match the requirments which led to melting down more than 650,000 firearms. After that law policy no mass shooting has ever been in Australia.
  • Japan
Japan has one of the lowest rated of gun crime.In 2006 two people were killed.When in 2007 that number increased into 22 Japan started to introduce laws prohobiting gun ownership which required attending classes and passing written and practical exams for buyers.Buyers must also go psychological assessments before owning a gun.Also criminal background checks are important for Japan gun ownership policy. The 1958 law on the possession of swords and firearms states: “No one shall possess a firearm or firearms or a sword or swords.” Among the few exceptions are shotguns, but here too, the restrictions would cause outrage among American gun owners. David Kopel describes Japanese gun control laws as “the most stringent in the democratic world”.

Mary Tonoyan, Writer/Photo Editor

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