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9 Pictures That Any Student/Fall Break Enthusiast Can Relate To

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When you are old and broke and living with more cats than are legally or socially acceptable because you never learned how to actually do anything relevant to real life at school, at least you can say with confidence that the mitochondria is the powerhouse of the cell

And according to the trajectory of the binomial nomenclature’s meniscus in combination with the standard velocity of the titration occurring in the iodized defenestration of gravitational lensing… I will still be 30 and not know what a mortgage is

When you and your friend were fully prepared to spend fall break eating, sleeping and pulling the occasional heist/bank robbery and the AP teacher says: “I’m giving you a short assignment of reading five books, writing a paper, doing 1500 IXLs, and signing your soul over to Satan” and you just sit there and look at each other like

the disappointment goes on and on and on and on (and possibly never stops SORRY)

When Naj hits you with Grasshopper on the Road

A real photo of my mind’s reception desk during midterms

All of us trying to figure out how to properly format an MLA works cited page

If your mental health isn’t on this level by the time fall break rolls around, did you really even do the first quarter of the 2017-18 school year?

When you waited until the Sunday night before school starts again after break to do the 2,000 AP assignments and start having a mental breakdown and have absolutely zero idea how your gonna finish it and you know full well its entirely your fault for being a lazy piece of heck and doing literally nothing on the other 9 days that you could have been progressively finishing your work like a responsible human being

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9 Pictures That Any Student/Fall Break Enthusiast Can Relate To