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Family cat brings down burglar from entering Indiana home

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Binky, a family cat is deemed a hero for doing something that even shocked his owner.

Binky the cat stopped a burglar from entering the home through an open window.

The almost-burglar appeared at the house around midnight, determined to enter the home. However, Binky had another thing in mind.

Cynthia Kootz had heard a noise earlier in the night around her garage but checked outside and saw nothing so she decided to dismiss it. After closing the garage and turning off the light, a man began banging on her front patio window. He pleaded with her saying that men were after him with guns and even offered to show his identification. For her own safety, she denied his request to enter her house. The man, still desperate to get in, moved to her window and stuck his hand in. Binky began growling before proceeding to attack his hand. “I was shocked the first time he started growling,” said Cynthia Kootz, Binky’s owner. The cat attacked a second time when the man tried yet again at the same window. Binky has no claws, but don’t doubt that he cant hurt you with his razor sharp teeth. While the cat defended the house, Kootz dialed 911. The man eventually gave up when he realized he was no match for Binky, and ran away from the house and right into the hands of the police.

The 41-year-old explained to the police that the cat attacked him when questioned about the wounds. They had a hard time believing him until they verified it with the home owner, who was shocked yet thankful.

The man, Earl Scruggs, was arrested for vandalism and residential entry. This was not Scruggs first time in trouble with the law, but it was pretty likely that it was the first time his plans were foiled by a cat.

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Family cat brings down burglar from entering Indiana home