5 Tips for Surviving Wisdom Tooth Surgery

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5 Tips for Surviving Wisdom Tooth Surgery




Jadyn Ashcraft

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While there are many exciting things to look forward to as a one blossoms into an adult, getting your wisdom teeth removed is not one of them. Unless you are blessed and either have room for your wisdoms, or none of them even formed in the first place, you will have to get them taken out eventually. Here are some tips to surviving the aftermath of such a dreaded procedure.

  1. Prepare to be Loopy

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One thing to expect is how out of it you’ll be after the surgery. Depending on the type of anesthesia given to you, you may react different ways. Some examples include: crying for no reason, trying to eat the wisdom teeth after they are taken out, or attempting to run away from your parents. So overall message, make sure someone is watching you to make sure you don’t do anything too dangerous or stupid.


  1. Beware of Social Media

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You will feel amazing once you come out of the doctor’s office, especially with all of those pain medications. A strong desire to either post about your fantastic experience on social media or send pictures to friends will overcome you. Be wary though, because the medicine will make you forget all of those Snapchats you sent to friends. This results in them retaining constant blackmail over you and pictures you wish didn’t exist. Regardless, there is some entertainment in seeing yourself like this, especially when you legit don’t remember any of it happening.

  1. Follow Instructions

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This is very important if you care about what level of swelling your face will experience. By taking your medicine, icing your face, and sleeping with your head elevated, you can greatly reduce the amount of swelling in your cheeks. Seriously, this is the difference between a cute lil chipmunk and a ginormous melon (as described by my doctor).

  1. FOOD

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The absolute worst part of getting your wisdoms out is not being able to satisfy your most dire cravings. Sure, it’s fun to eat some jello and sip on some chicken broth AT FIRST, but after SEVEN DAYS? Yeah, no thank you. You will find yourself falling into the vast black hole of Youtube, watching Mukbang after Mukbang, so desperate to have just one slice of pizza that you watch others eat for you. After seven very painful days, you can resume a normal diet, but it may take you hours to finish just one meal.

  1. Don’t Push Yourself

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Lastly, don’t push yourself to get better right away. Everyone’s recovery time is different, with some taking two days and others several weeks. If you attempt to go right back into sports or school, you may make your situation even worse and be in recovery for even longer. So, relax, get plenty of rest, and eventually you will be as good as new! (just with fewer teeth and less wisdom)