Meme Queen 2.0

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As the trauma of last year’s finals fade into memory and we all settle into the routine of the new year, it seems like everything has changed. The class of 2018 has moved on to bigger, better things in college. The seniors are scrambling to balance college apps with their rigorous classes. The juniors are getting mindful with the help of Mr. Naj while the sophomores enjoy their ascension on the social ladder, and the freshmen delight in their new-found upper school privileges. Though sizable, none of those is the biggest change that occurred over the summer. That title is reserved for the fall of a monarch, and the ascension of a new one to take their place. The Meme Queen as you remember her is but a memory. That being said, I think it’s time to unmask the former Queen and relieve her of her crown. The former Meme Queen was none other than… KAWENA CHING! It’s hard to believe that she walked these very halls. Take your time mourning her downfall, but just know that you haven’t heard the last of Parker School’s very own internet empress… she will return.