Abby’s Back

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As the school year progresses, the mounting stress of your work load along with home life can seem unmanageable. Talking to friends or family about your stress load might be difficult to do, but even if confrontation isn’t your forte, you should always have someone that is there for you to vent to.

That’s why we’re bringing back Dear Abby.

In 1956, Pauline Phillips founded the Dear Abby column. She wrote under the name of Abigail Van Buren. Anyone could write their problems to the news paper, and “Abby” would write back advice to them. Phillips kept up Dear Abby until 2000, when she got Alzheimers. Her daughter, Jeanne Phillips, now runs the Dear Abby column.

Dear Abby is here to help anyone and everyone with what they’re going though. Please feel free to write any time.