California Wild Fires

Celeste Hardin

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The California wildfires are getting worse and worse by the day. 42 deaths have been reported since the fires have begun, making this the deadliest fire in California’s history. According to The Weather Channel, park rangers have spent days looking for over 100 missing people. Only about 30% of the fire on Northern California has been contained, with 125,000 acres destroyed so far. The other fires are not as severe, but still are effecting a lot of people. Many California residents have lost their homes, including Miley Cyrus in Malibu!

Winds have been lessening, which is helpful for containing the fires, but it is still difficult to keep things from progressing. Overall, the fires have been very damaging to homes, cars, and people. However, more states are coming together to help California, and hopefully all of the extra support will help to extinguish these horrible fires.