Blum’s Battle Against Affirmative Action

Emma Laliberte

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National news is abuzz with the details of the Harvard admissions lawsuit, painting the plaintiffs, Asian-American students, as victims of an unjust quota system. Many news outlets are quick to rally alongside the students, who assert that they’ve been cheated out of admission because of Harvard’s bias against applicants with Asian backgrounds. Beneath the surface, however, the issue is much uglier. What seems like a small-scale civil rights movement is truly a cruel vendetta against people of color launched by conservative activist Edward Blum. Every step of the way, Blum has fully subsidized the legal fees of the plaintiffs, championing their cause in the media. This seemingly benevolent and goodhearted gesture, however, is merely a ruse. Blum’s end game is to take down all of affirmative action within the American educational system. Affirmative action, for those who don’t know, is a policy that favors those who tend to suffer from discrimination, particularly in the realm of education or employment. Blum said in an earlier interview, “Your race and your ethnicity should not be something used to help you or harm you in your life’s endeavors.” The destruction of this policy would be a massive blow towards people who already suffer disproportionately at the hands of the federal government. Kavanaugh’s recent appointment as the ninth justice resulted in a strong conservative majority in the Supreme Court. Now, the fate of affirmative action rests in the hands of those who would see it destroyed.