Scholastic Art Awards

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Scholastic Art Awards

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After weeks of artists deciding what to submit, the Scholastic Art Awards have finally been announced! Parker School reached its highest amount of winners this year with a total of twenty three pieces and six art portfolios from eighteen artists. The Scholastic Art Awards allow Parker School student artists to travel to Oahu to further explore the art culture found in Honolulu while later attending an award ceremony. This event allows students to see their own personal work hanging at the Hawaii State Art Museum, as well as other pieces from artists their age. This level of recognition is inspiring to young artists, and further motivates artists to continue an art that they are deeply passionate about. Below is a list of the Parker School winners and their art pieces:

Alanna Kregness –

Misty Mirage: Silver Key









Caylyn Makoff – Silver Key Art Portfolio (2)

Chloe Arias –

Acacia Girl: Silver Key














Cooper Callender –

west side: Silver Key








Erica Yost –

Beekeeper: Gold Key and American Visions Nominee









Kindred Spirits: Silver Key


Grace Bollinger –

tea time: Silver Key














Hunter Bugado –

“No Escape” – Silver Key













Jadyn Ashcraft –

Gold Key Art Portfolio

Silver Key Art Portfolio

A Step into Serenity: Silver Key















Jenna Blevins –

Work #2: Silver Key







Work #4: Silver Key











Work #5: Silver Key












Work #6: Silver Key










Jenna Harris –

Drip drip: Silver Key












Kawehi Bell-Kaopuiki –

Captured Ocean: Silver Key

















Lily Krueger –

Silver Key Art Portfolio (2)

Untitled: Gold Key


Macey Note –

Butterfly Princess: Gold Key







Fruit of the Mind: Silver Key







Maya Ellsworth –

Starry Night Sky: Silver Key













Beaming Joy: Silver Key

Abigail Jeremiah –

The Future Has Arrived: Gold Key










Zoe Spikerman –

Diaphanous: Gold Key


Malia Dills – 

The Art of Moving On: Gold Key












Zoe Smith-Vann –

Scream: Gold Key