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About The Bull

The Bull is a collection of student voices at Parker School. We strive to capture the spirit of our vibrant school community and bring a little something for everyone. You will find hard hitting news, entertainment, poetry, opinion, humor, advice, StuCo announcements, music, sports, fashion, art, and more  all with the aim to inspire, educate and celebrate our readers, while delving into the deeper conversations about the world around us.

Our primary goal is to stand for inclusiveness and integrity in our pursuit to inform and engage our readers. The Bull staff studies the Society of Professional Journalists Code of Ethics and the NSPA Model Code of Ethics for HS Journalists. We make policy and story decisions with school administration based on these ethical standards. Student coverage and opinions do not reflect the opinions of Parker School. 

Submission Guidelines: Students, we welcome your voices! This is YOUR student publication and we want to hear from you!

 – Opinion, news coverage, poetry, stories, art, cartoons, political rants, videos, essays and original songs are  welcomed. Submit to: [email protected].

-All pieces must be submitted with your full name, with the exception of the Dear Abby letters which can be anonymous. 

-We reserve the right to edit articles for grammar and space restrictions. 

-Comments are welcomed on most stories at The Bull online. Comments will be moderated, but not edited, and will post after they are approved by The Bull staff. 

-We will not publish anything defamatory or libelous about any students, administrators or members of the school community. 

-We accept guest editorials, although we reserve the right to edit or decline at our discretion.

-Cases of fraud and impersonation are prohibited and will be reported to the Administration and the Discipline Committee.  

Updates and Corrections:  At times we will make mistakes. We are students and we are learning “on the job”. When errors occur we will add the line “This article has been revised to reflect the following update:” at the bottom of the story with the details of the change.

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