The Bull

2018-2019 Staff

Hunter Bugado

Contributing Photo Journalist

  I'm interested in obscure television shows and obsolete forms of media such as VHS. Most of y'all probably don't even know what a VHS tape is. That's because I'm an old head. I also like collecting rare toys.

Ariel Christiansen-Smith


Welcome! I'm Ariel and I am a senior at Parker. I am a photo journalist working for the Parker Bull Newspaper, and I love corgis :)

Jadyn Ashcraft

Managing Editor

Hi! My name is Jadyn and I am a senior here at Parker School. Hope you enjoy our newsletter!

Celeste Hardin

Managing Editor

Morgan Swan

Photo Journalist

Senior at Parker! Photography is my form of writing because I suck at writing. Also, don't be alarmed when I'm taking pictures of you :)

Sydney Schorr

Photo Journalist

My favorite condiment is honey mustard and I'm near sighted.

Lyle Coffee

Photo Journalist

Senior My favorite fruits are potatoes, applesauce, Obama, an good grammars.

Meira Bonnici

Photo journalist

Hey, it's Meira! I'm a student at Parker School. I love dogs, chocolate, the beach, my friends and my family. My interest are photography, dancing, and making art.

Gregory Kim


Ya know, I have been thinking… What does a deaf blind schizophrenic person see/hear???? I am like super shook just thinking about it! Anyway as a senior I should be focusing on college… but I don’t really wanna.

Emma Laliberte

Managing Copy Editor

Joe Biden, former vice president, has been accused of sexual assault by Lucy Flores. And she isn't the only woman to come forward with allegations against him. The tally now stands at four women asserting that he made them feel...

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