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No, Joe.
Joe Biden, former vice president, has been accused of sexual assault by Lucy Flores. And she isn't the only woman to come forward with allegations against him. The tally now stands at four women asserting that he made them feel extremely uncomfortable by touching them inappropriately. One woman even says that he kissed her neck, whispered in her ear, smelled her hair, and nuzzled his nose against hers. Many, including myself, were shocked to hear stories of Biden's unprompted touching, kissing, whispering, and groping. Prior to these allegations, he was widely regarded as a wholesome family-man and an American hero. To many members of the younger generation, he was simply the subject of memes. However, evidence of his misconduct and abuse of power has been around for years. A myriad of videos and articles detail Biden's completely inappropriate touching of these women, calling veritable sexual harassment "flirtatious behavior."

Regardless of how the public has viewed Biden previously, he should be regarded for what he truly is: a man standing accused of multiple accounts of sexual misconduct. Journalist Laura McGann at Vox put it best:

"Times have changed. Reporters now would look twice at a new politician who is handsy on camera. They’d ask questions about it and likely look into his private conduct. And women like Flores are taking big risks and speaking out. Biden avoided scrutiny in the past, but if he wants to be the next president, he’ll face pressure to account for his actions."

We cannot afford to treat stories of sexual harassment differently based on whether we agree with the perpetrator's political views/affiliations. If we, as a nation and a society, want to seriously protect people, particularly women,  from gross abuses of power like Biden's, we owe it to survivors everywhere to speak out against cases like this. Against all cases. Remember: if you are silent, you are complicit.

Emma Laliberte, Managing Copy Editor

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