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Hi!! I'm Mary.I'm an exchange student from Armenia!! I love writing as it's the only way to express the feeling you have.

Mary Tonoyan, Writer//Photo Editor

May 08, 2018
What will happen when the sun dies? (Story)
Apr 19, 2018
Woman died after being sucked out of the airplane window. (Story)
Apr 03, 2018
There comes a point in your life… (Story)
Mar 28, 2018
A burglary suspect was found fast asleep on the victim’s sofa. (Story)
Jan 22, 2018
I didn’t mean to kill her. (Story)
Jan 02, 2018
How it Feels (Story)
Nov 07, 2017
What President Trump’s Handwriting Says About Him (Story)
Nov 03, 2017
Don’t forget them! (Story)
Sep 14, 2017
Interview with Mr. Naj (Story)
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